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We just thought we would share this with you. Here is the background to the rates for your understanding.

Commissioner of Oaths Rates

The fees that Commissioners for Oaths can charge for their services are fixed by the Senate of the Singapore Academy of Law, and can be found in Part II of the Schedule to the Commissioner for Oaths Rules.


Additional fees may be charged if the oath is administered outside of the Commissioner’s office and for each exhibit referred in the document.


Commissioners typically charge a reasonable additional rate for translating, interpreting or reading the contents of the document(s) to the deponent (i.e. the person having the document commissioned), or for travelling time.

Notary Public Rates

Notaries public are qualified lawyers appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public to notarise documents, i.e. to certify that these documents are authentic or have been validly executed (depending on the situation).

Fees for notarial services in Singapore are fixed under the law as set out by the First Schedule of the Notaries Public Rules. Notaries Public are not permitted to give discounts on prescribed Notarial fees.


Payment: We accept cash, cheque or immediate bank transfer including PayNow and PayLah.  We do not accept any credit card payment.


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